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About Us

Our Story

At VeriKlick, our purpose is to help clients automate their recruitment process by adding intelligent solutions to them, in order to save time, money, and resources. VeriKlick’ proprietary technology works alongside, and in conjunction with, current Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and processes to help recruiters and human resources leaders to filter out fraudulent and fabricated resumes. The lack of authentication of candidates, and phony resumes, are among the biggest challenges faced by recruiting professionals today. The VeriKlick leadership team possesses experience in this regard spanning over two decades, and we say - stop screening resumes. It can be a laborious effort, and we want to show you a better way to automate the process, and to make faster, better-informed recruiting decisions.

Verification is the essence of VeriKlick. We filter candidates with hack-proof tools that delve into their real identities and experiences. We take away the nightmare of being constantly bombarded by fake resumes.

Our strong insights into enterprise ecosystems and dynamics means we can offer a complete end-to-end solution to power your recruitment staff and processes, supported by both mobile platforms and cloud-based tracking solutions. VeriKlick understands that cost-per-hire is an important factor in strategic planning and budgeting when trying to determine future investments in recruiting efforts, and our tools will help you manage the recruitment process better and more cost-effectively. Use VeriKlick!


VeriKlick evolved out of the outdated candidate tracking experience that recruiting professionals face during the hiring process. Our founders and leadership team have more than two decades experience working with Companies HR departments and recruiters alike, and we are known for our sound track record! Like you, we have endured the agonies of managing candidates, both onshore and offshore, having handled aspiring, mid-level, and senior candidates for years. Our deep engagement in their selection process has provided us insights into solutions that will directly affect your bottom line.

Why Us

The untimely departure of a wrongly-recruited candidate costs companies over 20% of the candidate’s annual salary (after factoring in onboarding, training, productivity, and engagement losses)! Our expertise and tools can save you these hassles, and help save you money.

Driving down the cost-per-hire is a strategic initiative with invaluable benefits. Our tools will help you to optimize your recruiting process, and even facilitate your rediscovering qualified candidates who applied in the past – allowing you to more-efficiently evaluate them for other roles in the future.

VeriKlick’ ultimate objective: Enhance our clients’ ROI by implementing robust partnership models to save you time, money, and resources – while ensuring you are thoroughly vetting and screening candidates.

See how VeriKlick can help you acquire better talent, faster.