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Business Intelligence

VeriKlick’ business intelligence technologies provide historical, current, and predictive views of your recruiting operations and efforts. These include reporting, visualization, online analytical processing, data mining, business performance and management benchmarking, and even prescriptive analytics. We work with large amounts of both structured and unstructured data to help you derive actionable insights, and make your organization more analytics-driven.

Analytics Tracking

Power your business decisions with more accurate outcomes and help accelerate your company’s growth by leveraging our well-tailored analytics tracking system. We use both qualitative and quantitative techniques and processes to enhance productivity and business gains. Our smart analysis helps to identify key user and customer trends, so you can effectively align your departmental and even Companies strategies for enhanced revenue generation.

Archival + Recovery

VeriKlick offers secure and compliant on-premises and/or cloud-hosted data archival for real-time data visibility, document management and reporting, and retrieval of your data in the event it’s required.

Cloud Computing

Public Cloud: VeriKlick’ cloud-based service offers access to your recruitment-related data anytime, anywhere. We provide cloud analytics to track everything associated with your recruiting efforts, from status to candidates at various stages to onboarding activities. Our solution uses a wide range of analytical tools and techniques to help our clients extract information present it in ways that help you make sense of it all.

Our cloud-based solution saves you from the hassles and expense of data storage, backup, and security, offering you a more cost-effective and efficient solution. This enables you to focus more on your HR and ATS (Applicant Tracking System) operations than managing huge parcels of data that keep growing over time. We maintain and store both current and historical data, with access to resources and data points to assist in your critical decision-making. VeriKlick’ cloud-based solution helps clients to focus on their core business, while allowing for rapid provisioning (as needed), with minimal management effort and lower IT infrastructure costs.

Private Cloud: If your company is sensitive about using a ‘public’ cloud service, we can provision our solution to your private, on-premise servers, as well. Of course, this option may require some necessary customization depending on the nature of your computing environment, but we will work with you based on the level of customization and provisioning that needs to be done.

There are benefits to an on-premise solution, including company control of data, and the ability to quickly meet specific client or stakeholder requirements regarding data privacy. With this deployment model, our clients enjoy control over all of their systems and data while being assured that their critical business infrastructure resides in-house.

In addition to having internal oversight of data, an on-premise solution allows clients to have dedicated IT staff responsible for maintenance, support, and disaster recovery plans. The VeriKlick solution allows clients that flexibility if needed.

Hybrid Environment:To best meet the evolving needs of our clients, VeriKlick also allows for the sharing of resources in order to achieve coherence and adapt to economies of scale, similar to the way public utilities operate.

If you have an on-premise electric utility, you would create the wiring that goes to your building, you would choose the electricity source, you would meter the power, and so on. You have complete control over the electricity and its delivery.

If you have a cloud-based electric utility (which is what most of us are accustomed to), then the electric company provides everything you need: The wiring, the power, the metering, everything. The third option would be a "hosted" electric utility, a blended solution, where you would provide the electricity source but someone else would provide the wiring and maintenance. Or the reverse!

All of these options have pros and cons, and your company’s structure, processes, and needs determine which option is best for you. VeriKlick can accommodate your business model and work with you to achieve your optimal solution.

Platform Integration

VeriKlick is a collaborative platform designed to work in conjunction with your current recruiting systems and efforts, including your VMS and ATS. The role that such integration plays in virtualization, resource utilization, and storage solutions is vital, and the close-fitting integration between the systems you’ve implemented and VeriKlick will enable a seamless process of candidate screening and verification services.


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