HIRE Vets Challenge Program

Veterans have served us and protected our country. As a thank you, we have created this program as a means of giving back for their support and bravery.

About the Program

VeriKlick is committed to helping and hiring Veterans through our upcoming Hire Vets Challenge Program. Our Program is designed to help military veterans and their families through social media, direct contact and virtual learning and education.

On a clientele level, we will be educating our clients about the program and its values. We will also be giving them solutions and ways in how they can work with us to support veterans and their families. We are connecting with various veterans groups to promote our program and we have established an exciting Veteran’s Challenge Program.

Here is VeriKlick’s approach to helping Military Veterans and their families.

Interested in becoming a part of the program? Reach out to our Director Aaron Christie via aaron@synkriom.com or via phone at 732-961-5233.

We will be hosting hiring drives with industry professionals and leading company for military veterans and their families.
We will be looking for leads reaching out to military veterans who are interested in joining the workforce.
We are in the process of implementing a training program to assist military veterans and their families.
We are creating a mentorship program for military veterans and their families for one-on-one assistance.

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