Our Statement and Commitment as a Sustainable and Long-Lasting Solution

Combining Technology and Sustainability

As strong advocates of the global workforce, we also believe that using advanced technologies to achieve sustainability has created many innovative ways to have a positive impact globally. Combining the global workforce and technology offers the ability to make dramatic changes throughout the world in many ways.

Technology has and will continue to change the future of work while providing new ways to train and upskill staff building a sustainable workforce to address the changes of global world. Smart systems, robotics and digitization are helping organizations to become more efficient and reduce the carbon footprint. Cloud computing lets utilities manage energy sustainably across entire grids.

Types of Sustainability

Combining the Global Workforce with Technology affects all four pillars of Sustainability:

Social Sustainability

VeriKlick supports Social sustainability which includes human rights, fair labor practices, diversity, equity, work-life balance, empowerment, community engagement, volunteerism, and more. VeriKlick believes that Social Sustainability accommodates and impacts a broader view of the world as it relates to communities, diverse cultures and globalization and is further enabled by social interactive technology.

Human Sustainability

Providing the ability for workers to balance their personal and professional responsibilities. VeriKlick supports and encourages Human Sustainability by providing options such as flexible scheduling, remote work, virtual meetings and more. Our workplace technologies have the ability to support human interactions and provide an alternative while in-person meetings are not possible, keeping everyone engaged, building relationships and nurture human interactions in the virtual workplace.

Economic Sustainability

VeriKlick supports Economic Sustainability by including compliance, proper governance, and risk management in our everyday business practices locally and globally. By practicing these values, we are able to successfully sustain our business which provides growth opportunities for our employees and our clients.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability improves human welfare through Initiatives and programs are defined environmentally sustainable such as reducing travel, working remote versus traveling to work or traveling via air or train. VeriKlick supports these practices which is reflected in the flexibility how we support and manage our workforce.

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