Verisource, a VMS even your suppliers will love!

The first VMS solution designed to keep up with the ever-changing contingent workforce universe!

Built with NextGen AI, Verisource is designed to meet every need of your Vendor management program.


Expert Managed Candidate Sourcing

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VeriSource is your hands-off solution
for getting top talent.

We do the searching, screening, verifying, and recruiting so you can spend your
time interviewing and hiring the best candidates.

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We’re On Your Team

Get unlimited access to talent advisors who team with you to meet hiring manager needs. We search, screen, and authenticate candidates for you.

Streamline Sourcing

The VeriSource solution filters job orders intelligently to suppliers to streamline sourcing at unparalleled speeds — with proven results for general and niche job positions.

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No Business Development, RFPs, or Client Contracts Needed

Our easy-to-use interface lets you manage the talent acquisition and application process from start finish. Access pre-screened candidates and fill as many roles as you want.

Large Vendor Pool

We pick our vendors so you can supply the right hires, on-demand. Our pool of 400+ vendors means we help you source top talent from top talent suppliers.

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Live Data Curation

Candidates received through talent suppliers are thoroughly vetted by VeriKlick. Our AI powered verification system reviews candidate information, screens and background checks applicants, and shortlists qualified talent.

Technical Screening

If you’re sourcing for technical positions you want to verify desired skill sets. We have available aptitude tests and surveys hundreds of technical positions. We can administer one of our tests or use one you’ve created.

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