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A powerful verification system and process to work alongside, and in conjunction with, your current Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can be the key to achieving greater success for your business.

VeriKlick is the verification system your company should be using. Today.

While saving you time and money, VeriKlick is also capable of reducing the administrative and personnel stress you endure every time you need to hire.

VeriKlick collects more, and better, information and data from applicants – allowing you to spend less time wading through resumes that are inapplicable to your needs, and spending more time hiring and onboarding the best candidates for your open positions.

How Does VeriKlick Work?

VeriKlick aligns the application process with the screening process, offering applicants the ability to engage with multiple communications methods, and screening the information which

the applicants are providing you – to help you build a clear, precise picture of the person, their experience, and their fit for your company.

VeriKlick offers deep verification options:

  • Identification
  • Voice
  • Experience

Who Would Benefit From the VeriKlick Application?

Large businesses, small businesses, startups, staffing agencies… anyone who needs to hire people! VeriKlick is scalable in both cost and function, so we can work with you to help you find and screen the best people for your needs.

Bottom Line

The more, and better, data you collect from each applicant, the greater your chances of screening exactly the candidates you want to find.

In the final analysis, having the best application verification system to work alongside your current ATS is extremely beneficial for you, for your company, and for your bottom line.

And VeriKlick is the best.

Contact our knowledgeable staff today for a consultation!

White Paper + Report

Discover our free white papers, covering both current and future plans for features and functionality. You’ll find them informative, concise, and easy to digest. Contact us if you have any questions after reading through the subject most relative to you.


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