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Chat Based

CBIE offers candidates interactive chat-based interviews, a modern, digital-age alternative to traditional coding platforms.


Multi-Dimensional Evaluation

CBIE provides an in-depth evaluation, encompassing response time, language usage, and contextual relevance, offering a holistic candidate perspective.


Automated Shortlisting

After each interaction, Veriklick seamlessly ranks and shortlists candidates based on chat interactions, streamlining the hiring process.


In-depth Analytics

Get an unparalled insight into candidate metrics, from engagement rates to competency scores, allowing for better-informed hiring decisions.

Talent Pioneer

Established in 2018, Veriklick emerged as a woman-owned enterprise dedicated to revolutionizing hiring and recruitment methodologies through cutting-edge technology.

As a pivotal component of the Synkriom consortium, alongside Veridial and Verisource (VMS), VeriKlick operates across 22 nations, its operational hub situated in New Jersey (USA), supplemented by strategic offices in the US, Dubai, and India.

Notably, it operates under singular ownership, self-funded and driven by a commitment to innovation. With a global presence and a focus on leveraging advanced tools, Veriklick stands at the forefront of reshaping traditional paradigms within the realm of talent acquisition and management.


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