Building an Inclusive Work Environment

Innovative Diversity Hiring


Candidate Sourcing

Actively seeking candidates from a wide range of backgrounds through various channels, including job boards, professional networks, community organizations, and referrals.


Diverse Interview Panels

Diverse interview panel members to provide different perspectives and reduce the risk of bias in the evaluation of candidates.


Unbiased Job Descriptions

Crafting job descriptions that use inclusive language and focus on the essential qualifications and skills required for the role, rather than on irrelevant criteria that might unintentionally exclude certain groups.


Structured Interview

Implementing structured interview processes that involve standardized questions and evaluation criteria to ensure fairness and minimize the influence of unconscious biases.

Ensure Uniformity in Every Interview

We at Veriklick are bounded to fostering uniformity and equity in every interview through AI technology. Our CBIE tool provides structure and real-time guidance during interviews, enabling interviewers to maintain focus and eliminate bias. This ensures that each candidate experiences an impartial environment, facilitating interviews conducted with fairness and inclusivity.

By leveraging the power of AI, Veriklick is committed to creating a standardized and just interview process, where all candidates are given equal opportunity to showcase their abilities and potential, ultimately contributing to a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Detailed Hiring Perspectives

Our hiring insights are invaluable aids for interviewers and hiring managers in candidate selection. The insights furnish interviewers with comprehensive data, trends, and bias analyses, contributing significantly to enhancing the overall hiring procedure and fostering diversity.

These insights not only facilitate informed decisions but also empower interviewers with systematic information, enabling them to refine their approaches and mitigate biases effectively.

By leveraging these insights, organizations can refine their hiring strategies, ensuring fairness, inclusivity, and alignment with diversity goals. Thus, our insights play a pivotal role in optimizing the hiring process and promoting a more diverse and equitable workforce.

Removing Bias

Utilizing AI technology, our candidate interview tool is tailored to mitigate biases in the hiring process and champion inclusivity. Through our intelligent Interview system, we can produce a candidate scorecard post-interview, reflecting both the candidate’s performance and live feedback from interviewers.

This approach guarantees a transparent and equitable assessment process for all candidates. By leveraging real-time insights and structured evaluations, we foster fairness and impartiality in every hiring decision.

Our commitment to leveraging technology for unbiased recruitment ensures that each candidate is assessed objectively, advancing our goal of building diverse and inclusive teams.

Evaluation Metrics

Evaluation metrics serve as the cornerstone of each datum in talent acquisition. Through our real-time AI interview notes and the systematic collection of candidate feedback, along with the integration of these indicators using CBEI AI tool, every candidate is objectively assessed, ensuring impartiality in our exclusive Competency Evaluator.

These assessments culminate in fair and unbiased scores, enabling hiring managers to discern and select the most suitable talent for the company. This holistic approach to evaluation empowers organizations to make informed hiring decisions that align with their objectives and foster a diverse and inclusive workforce.

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