Frequently Asked Questions

Using and Working with VeriKlick’s Video Feature

Interview – How long do hosts and/or interviewers have access to the platform?

As a host and/or interviewer, you have access to the platform 1 hour prior to interview and 1 hour post-interview. This extra “buffer” time is great for hosts and/or interviewers to have test runs, prepare for interviews and have post-interview discussions if needed. This also gives the candidate an ample amount of time to be comfortable with the platform as well.

Interview – When I click on the meeting link, it says “Device Not Found”. What do I do?

When this happens, the first thing you should do is leave the meeting, refresh the page and rejoin. If that still does not work, restart your device and rejoin the meeting. We advise that you use a laptop or a monitor to use our platform.

Interview – When I click on the meeting link, a *Blank Screen* shows up. What do I do?

When this happens, the first thing you should do is leave the meeting, refresh the page and rejoin. If that still does not work, use a different device and rejoin the meeting.We advise that you use a laptop or a monitor to use our platform.

Interview – Why isn’t my interview link not working?

Your interview link is not working because it is most likely not your individual link. As this is a security feature, another individual is not able to use your link or vice versa. If multiple individuals try to use the same link, none of the individuals will be able to attend the interview. Therefore, we ask you to only use your individual link and not share your link with other hosts, interviewers or candidates.

Video and Audio – My video and/or audio is not working. How can I fix this?

Go to VeriKlick’s application settings and confirm that the camera and/or microphone are *allowed.* If either of them are *denied*, tap on the feature and change the switch to *allow while using the app*. Remember to save the settings and proceed to continuing to use the platform.Remember to double check that you have allowed the camera and microphone to be used on the VeriKlick platform and on your device.

Resume – Why is my resume unable to parse and/or be seen?

In order to parse a resume, the resume must be in Word Document format. The resume will not be able to parse if it contains pictures, embedded pictures or embedded words. This includes any special formatting beside Word. We advise all hosts and/or interviewers to collect resumes in Word Document format along with PDF format to avoid this issue when using our platform.
In any event, the resume details can be entered manually into the platform. In this case, the resume will show up during the interview session.

Facial Biometrics – Once an image is enrolled can it be changed?

No. Once you enroll the image it cannot be changed.

Facial Biometrics – Can a different image of a candidate be updated when enrolling?

Yes, you can click on the “upload option” and select a new image.

Facial Biometrics – How many times can the facial biometric be verified?

The facial biometric can be verified up to 5 times.

Facial Biometrics – Which facial biometric result will be reflected on the scorecard among all of the Recruiters and Panelists in the interview session?

The latest verified facial biometric will be reflected on the scorecard.

Panelist – Why am I unable to find the panelist when the panelist is already entered into the interviewer list?

This is possible when the panelists are on the inactive list. If that is the case, you will need to change the “status” to all and then search.

Panelist – How can I easily search for a panelist?

Panelists can be put under a single group name. When setting up an interview, make sure you give all the panelists the same group name. This way, you can search for the group name within the interview list and see all the panelists within the group.

Video Recording – How do I enable Video Recording during an interview?

The recording option is available on interview screen. You can start recording once in meeting and candidate joins to have better voice verification samples.

Resume Parsing – How do I know when the resume has been parsed?

If the resume is uploaded and you see the green bar on the left- hand side. This means that the resume is uploaded to the tool, if the data is missing profile details need to fill manually.

Video Recording – How to get the recording when the recording is not shown?

You will need to go to Video schedule and change the status to attended. Then, select three below action and click on “Get Rec”.

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