Why VeriKlick


The current recruitment process poses a few challenges for hiring teams.

Identifying & Engaging the Right Hire

A bad hire costs the company resources, time and energy

long hiring circle

Spotting and hiring critical skilled candidates to meet demands can be a timeconsuming proces

Misrepresentation by candidates

Candidate Resume Misrepresentation & Interview Misrepresentation is prevalent when Interviewing online

Process Management

Lack of feedback and pipeline management system with Calendar integration


VeriKlick provides a Multi-Factor Authentication Platform for real time video, voice mapping and facial biometric assessments.

Identifying & Engaging the right Hire

Hire a candidate that is qualified and suited to the position

Short Hiring Cycles

Candidates are identified, screened & hired to meet immediate recruitment demands

Verified Real Candidates

Verify Candidate Resumes & Interviews seamlessly while hiring

Simplified Process

Manage feedback and pipeline processes with complete Calendar Integration


Secured Open API Platform

Automates Entire Talent Management Process

Streamlines Candidate Selection and On-Boarding Process

Live Candidate Verification

Improved Speed and Quality of Hire

Client Brand Recognition

Candidate Scorecards & Resume screening

Outlook and Google

Reduces Total Cost of Hiring

Feedback and Pipeline Management

24 / 7 Technical Support

Video Interview & Playbacks


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