72% of employers struggle to find the right
candidates they are hiring for

VeriKlick’s one-stop recruiting and hiring platform can help you solve that


AI Powered Recruitment Platform

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AI Powered Search

You set the position criteria and our intelligent search engine delivers top talent you’re looking for. Find the right candidate for the right position in an instant. VeriKlick filters unqualified resumes from search result so that you only receive interview worthy candidates.

Unparalleled Candidate Verification with Voice Mapping

Our proprietary AI performs in depth candidate screening and verification. You can relax knowing you won’t be wasting time reviewing falsified resumes and interviewing bogus candidates. With VeriKlick you can make better informed, confident recruiting decisions.

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Real-Time Interview Data with Voice Mapping

Once candidates have been screened, verified, and contacted, it’s time for the interview. During a live video interview, candidates are again verified with biometric signals – matching their face, voice, and other identifiers with the interviewee. Interviewers receive live verification data throughout the meeting so they can confidently pass the best candidates onto hiring managers.

VeriKlick Features

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Ai powered search
AI Powered Search
Id verification
ID Verification
Reference checks color
Reference Checks
Voice mapping
Voice Mapping
License verifications
License Verifications
Pipeline management
Pipeline Management
Interview self scheduling
Interview Self-Scheduling
Video interviews
Video Interviews
Live candidate verification
Live Candidate Verification
Teach cat feature
Teach Chat Feature
Live collaborations
Live Collaborations
Candidate score cards
Candidate Score Cards
Mobile app
Mobile App
Tech screening
Tech Screening
Ats integrations
ATS Integrations
Vms inegrations
VMS Integrations

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